About Us

A “World Of Plants” are the perfect words aside what else we also offer all of our customers. We are within driving distance from Fort Sam Houston Military Base, Brooks City Military Base, China Grove, Calaveras Lake, Sandy Oaks, Elmendorf, and surroundings. How we care for harvest and how plants are grown and treated are just a few words of our passion for what we are known to do.

We are a family-owned business and operate with both a physical location and a mass customer service in calling us, emailing, or messaging us in various of the social media platforms known comfortably. With one of our plant experts, we represent a history in our profession, beyond the words “we love what we do.” Every defined plant has its’ collaborate history and any question asked we are prepared to educate our customer with even online sources to teach and keep customers informed of the plant selection we extensively have and that would perfectly in a business environment, personal setting, or just for those plant lovers like we are. Ask a professional of our seasonal products and what we plan to bring even more as we continue to grow towards the future to all of you.